About us

Easy Comments-GPT by Webdeclic

It all started in 2017 when Thomas and Ludwig, two freelancers passionate about the web, decided to join forces to create Webdeclic. Together, they decided to offer a wider and more diverse range of services to their customers. In 2018, the specification was clear: become experts in the WordPress field, offering tailor-made solutions, from the showcase site to the development of exclusive plugins and themes.

The Birth of Easy Comments-GPT

Active and involved on LinkedIn, Thomas and Ludwig quickly realized how long interactions on this platform could take. That’s when the idea for Easy Comments-GPT emerged: why not create a tool that would allow you to personalize your comments while saving time?

Our engagement

At Easy Comments-GPT, we are all about making your experience on LinkedIn easier. This is why our tool has been designed to adapt to you: choice of language, genre, writing style… It allows rapid interaction while preserving the authenticity of your exchanges.

We want to be close to our users and listen to them to develop Easy Comments-GPT according to your needs and your feedback.